We’re ContXt. We specialize in organizational alignment.
Like the people who outfitted Lewis and Clark for their expedition of discovery,
we help you prepare and execute organizational change.




The ContXt® process.


Aligning a group of people – with a new strategy, process, culture or skill set – can be a lot like herding cats. But we’ve done this before, and we’ve learned organizational alignment moves through three essential stages:


1. Plan and explore
2. Communicate and inspire
3. Learn, develop… and excel


ContXt can help with any or all of these stages, stepping in at any point. Using visual guidance and discovery-based learning methods, we’ll translate your complex challenges into simple, effective tools and processes to get your entire organization on the same page. Putting you in position to achieve your strategic objectives.

This is when you locate Point A (where you are) and Point B (where you want to be). It requires exploring all the factors that can and probably will affect your business.

ContXt can be a Big help here with interactive workshops to identify your current realities (Point A) and develop improvement plans (to reach Point B). Or we can capture your situation- and your potential- in an overall visual everyone can follow. Think of it as a GPS that brings your entire executive/planning team together at Point A. Once there, they can exchange ideas, compare options and get the alignment process road-ready.

We’re flexible- whatever works for you.


Well, you have your goal and your strategy. Now you just have to explain the plan so the team understands it- and feels inspired to step up and make it happen. The entire organization has to get from A to B, together.

We’re really good at this. We call it visual guidance: Using visual tools, from posters to video animation, to make complex ideas easier to understand. Visual guidance helps everyone see the bigger picture.

People learn best and retain more when they come to their own conclusions through conversation and discovery. Our Meeting-in-a-Box provides everything you need to facilitate this learning. From a big-picture visual to supporting data cards and group dialog to tips for your facilitators, it’s all self-contained. (That’s why we call it a Meeting-in-a-Box)


Sometimes a goal calls for developing new skills. We can help with that.

We have a variety of training courses to build the knowledge, skills and abilities you need to reach your goals- custom or off-the-shelf, on-site sessions, or online modules. So, whether you need to get people up-to-speed on new procedures, or a sweeping new initiative, we’re here to help. And we design your solution to make sure your people learn and move forward as a group, so no one is left behind.

Areas of Focus
We help organizations align on:



Core Offerings


1.pencil1. PLAN

We offer four road-ready, interactive workshops to help your leadership team align with your current realities and improvement plans for:
• Strategic planning
• Developing and communicating your value proposition
• Implementing process improvement
• Achieving organizational development and cultural alignment.



Visual Guidance Sessions
As we work with leadership teams in the planning phase, we often develop a visual of the topic being discussed to help make sure everyone stays on the same page, literally. Visualizing a strategy, process, value proposition or culture gives everyone the same “tools” – terms and language, relationships and priorities – and creates a common lens to prompt discussion, spark ideas, and accelerate the overall alignment process.


2.communicate2. COMMUNICATE





ContXt® Captures
ContXt® Captures are visual representations used to communicate a consistent message to employees and customers. Visual captures make complex ideas like company strategy, processes or your value proposition easy to understand. When the topic is easy for everyone to understand, the entire group can move on together and learn more, faster.

The ContXt® Capture can be used as the focal point or springboard for a variety of tools that present a consistent message to employees, customers and prospects – so all can see the bigger picture.




Digital Presentations

Video Animations





Meeting-in-a-Box Sessions
Meeting-in-a-Box discovery sessions combine small group discussion, data and visual tools to accelerate the learning process. People learn best and retain more when they can see and discuss complex concepts and how they relate to each other. With these sessions, participants learn by coming to their own conclusions through conversation and discovery.

These are most often used to align employees with company strategy, changes in process flow, or cultural transformation.





We offer a variety of customized and off-the-shelf interactive training courses, such as our Manager Development course, to build the knowledge, skills and abilities required to achieve organizational objectives. Research shows that people learn by doing, so our course design allows participants to actively engage in the experience rather than passively observe – encouraging experiential learning through action and reflection.



Online Modules
Online Modules help large employee groups build the knowledge and skills to support company objectives. They are often developed to help employees understand process changes, managerial best practices and compliance-related issues. They can be designed as electronic flipbooks, microsites or interactive courses.


Purpose and Values


We utilize visual and discovery-based facilitation, communication and learning methods to get organizations on the Same Page to achieve strategic objectives. We do this by making the complicated simple so people can See The Bigger Picture to better support strategy execution.






We help organizations improve performance through clear vision, understanding and execution. Our approach is a blend of decades of real-world experience with effective management principles.

We believe an organization’s primary purpose must be the creation of shareholder value. This demands that leadership teams understand how to grow value through a balance of strategic, financial, customer, procedural and people objectives. Ultimately, it demands that teams have a shared vision for success and a tactical plan to achieve it.



Our approach combines the teachings of John Kotter (a leader in change management theory) and Robert Kaplan and David Norton (fathers of the modern “Balanced Scorecard”) with organizational engagement best practices. With a select network of experts in this field, we deliver highly successful techniques, processes and tools focused on the specific needs of our customers.

The result is that organizations like yours create value better and faster.

Our business continues to grow because we are completely committed to helping our customers achieve their strategic goals. And the way we do business – with flexibility, integrity, respect, innovation and, above all, focus on each individual customer – grows from the character of every professional with our company.


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